The Launch of Elyt! magazine! at Boda!Boda!

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On Saturday ULK visited a party thrown by the fashion magazine called Elyt! about which you must note one thing: the exclamation mark is part of the name. Mischievous. Cocky. Makes me think of naming a child in the same way. My next son shall be Paul! Bazanye.

Anyway, the magazine called Elyt! throws a party at Bodaboda every time they launch a new issue and we were invited to go and ascertain that this was indeed the case this weekend, when their fifth issue came out.


I had never been to Bodaboda before, mainly because of the rumours. I had heard that you need a mortgage to buy a single drink there. But this was business. I was on duty. So I took out a mortgage, sold a plot and, having enough money for at least one beer in my pocket, set off. These are my observations of the event.


Garden City at midnight, or at least at midnight on a day when Elyt! magazine is throwing a party at Bodaboda, is full of chicks. But these chicks are not full of clothing. Everything I saw was skimpy and scandalous and very nice. I thought for a moment I had wandered into a music video. I approved thoroughly.


Copies of the magazine! were on sale at the entrance to bodaboda. Five thou each. Chameleone was on the cover in a pink shirt, black waistcoat, big shades and an athletic pose. I believe he was about to pounce. I am not sure what the photographer had said to him, but I am sure that seconds after the camera flashed, he was being torn to pieces. When you see the mag you will understand. Kyokka Chameleone likes dramatic poses.


Upon entry I discovered that what was outside was only spillover. It was as if all the legs in Kampala had been brought here. Whoever is selling minis in the city is not the one complaining about fuel prices.


I should issue a caveat. I am no expert  in glamour and fashion and haute cooter, but I think I can take a wild guess and say that the patrons on this night were in fact glamorous and fashionable and certainly haute in most cases. I was impressed by the legs, about that I offer no reservations. But I will also assume that dudes in leather pants and berets knew what they were doing when they left the house like that.


There was one guy walking around in a track suit top that wasn’t old school, it was just old. He had a baseball cap on backwards. He walked with an affected nonchalance as if he was very keen to make everyone who saw him believe that he was not impressed by them. Such men are press photographers. I suggest you ignore them. Unless your wife doesn’t know where you are, in which case, you philandering bastard, I hope you get plastered all over Onion!


That exclamation point is there for exclamation’s sake. It’s not part of the name.


Now, here is a link to the Elyt! facebook! page, where you can find more information about this particular magazine! and the contents of the issue! that was launched on Saturday.

I wonder if there’s a website. Is it elyt!co!ug?

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