Reel Ting: Things to watch on screens

By • Apr 1st, 2011 • Category: WTH

It’s Friday, the day when we, in full compliance with the RIAA (lolz) think about what movies to watch this weekend. We are late, because it is April Fool’s Day and I thought that meant I didn’t have to think this month. You can imagine how I felt when I found out. So, since intelligent movie analysis and prognostication is not against the law today, let’s do some of it by looking at the new film, Rango.


Wait. That's not it.

A Vietnam war vet goes crazy and slaughters a slew of small-town… oh. I read that incorrectly. Rango is actually about a pampered chameleon which finds itself in a wild west cowboy town which it becomes sheriff of. Needless to say, it is an animated film.

Oh, wait. Not this one either

The voice of Johnny Depp stars alongside people of lesser celebrity in this movie the trailer of which makes one thing evident: It’s going to be one of those cases where the plot is just a place for the writers to place the jokes. All they are doing is quip quip quip, gag gag gag, funny accent funny accent funny accent.     Hey do you remember Johhny Depp in Once Upon A Time in Mexico? That was awesome.  Watching Rango  sounds like a good idea so far.



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