TOP TEN: April Fools Day Pranks

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April Fools’ Day is a day traditionally dedicated to performing pranks. Now there is a certain variation of the prank called the Ricochet (or the Cerebral Triple Double-Take). If you don’t know what a ricochet is (God forbid); it is the bouncing of a projectile (e.g. a bullet) off of a hard usually metallic surface.

i got shot 9 times nigga, 8 of them was on my chain... ping ping Geeee Yuunit!!

It is what happens when in movies someone shoots in a warehouse and the bullet goes whanging all over the place. That is the kind of mental effect you want to generate.

The Ricochet prank is largely a species of mind-f**k. You need time, money, experience, research, creativity and in some cases a death wish to excel at it.  If done rightly the Ricochet results in grievous bodily harm to you and/or your subject’s (read victim’s) complete and utter brain jam.

This is what happens when you are on the receiving end of a particularly good Ricochet; –
You: Oh… What? …
You: But wait…
You: So if…
You: No, slow down thi…
You: Eh!!
Brain: F**K IT.

Here are a few pranks that should get you started. Obviously you will have to be convincing.
1- Crumple up lots of paper and drop the pieces on the floor. Keep one clean smooth sheet on your bare desk. Call in one of your subordinates and ask him (very angrily) exactly who the f**k the sheet on the desk thinks it is.
2- Offer the receptionist a banana. Moan softly every time she takes a bite.
3- Come early. Lock one of your saved workmates in the toilet. Nail his shoes to the ceiling, soles downward. When someone asks where Jeremy went, point at the shoes and say “the rapture, his time had come.”
4- Ask your workmate (X) where X is. Look worried every time he/she insists that he/she IS X. If they get angry or insist on ignoring you, tap your forehead meaningfully and whisper “someone is going cuckoo” to yourself.
5- Record yourself laughing. Burn this on a CD. Walk into your boss’s office. Tell her/him, “I know all about it. We will discuss the terms when I return.” hand her/him the CD and walk out.
6- Make small exploding sounds every time someone presses the ENTER button on their keyboard.
7- Hide someone’s computer. When they ask for it, call them to the toilet, look worriedly into the bowl and ask them what the usually do when they accidentally flush someone’s computer down the toilet.
8- As you pee against someone’s desk, tell them, with a snarl, that his desk is your territory now since you just marked it with your urine.
9- Eat from an empty plate. Belch contentedly when you are done.
10- Call everyone to the printer saying you have something important you want them to see. Propose to the printer. Wait three seconds then smile like an idiot. Get angry when they don’t clap/applaud. Accuse them of not wishing you any happiness.

Go forth and wreck mayhem, happy April first. :)


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