Once Swan’s Go Black…

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Bleak Swan

When Kina-U goes to West

This is a story of love lost, love found, lust, sex, crime, fist fights, food fights, standing-in-line-at-the-supermarket, buying-newspapers-from-Abdu and eating-mama-Nakka’s sabulenya. The plot also lightly touches on the theme of beef. Not Lady Gaga beef, think more 2Pac/Biggie beef.

The movie stars our very own Juliana Kamonyozi acting as a Swan that has no feathers and cannot fly (but is fly) and Irene Nibiru, acting as her would-be bosom buddy who turns around and stabs her in the bosom. Rather back. ‘Black Swan’ was originally supposed to be called ‘White Swan’ but the casting crew were so impressed that Kamonyozi could walk on tip-toe the whole movie and also, she demonstrated that she could do the MJ crotch-grabbing, ‘aouw’ screaming, moonwalk thing.

The story: Irene and Juliana both want the same spot in a play called ‘That’s not life, Mwattu’. So they dance on their tip-toes to each prove who the better choice for the part is.

Critic’s Corner

Kale that chic, me I thought she is just for music, I swear – Angella, Nansana

I have a leaked copy with behind the scenes and bonus features, just holla – Dijit Bugalo

I laughed, I cried. I sat here contemplating stuff and then, finally, I watched the movie – Stephan Spillbag Musisi


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    hahahaha this is hillarious. but Irenes pic shd be on the cover too.