Da Reel Ting: Black Swan

By • Mar 25th, 2011 • Category: WTH

There is this movie called Black Swan. A certain girl received a shiny little naked man for it for it so must be important in someway. If you haven’t seen black swan, I will give you a brief down low for your edification. I will also add that if you haven’t seen Black Swan you should. I am saying it politely.
So… We have a girl, this one.

You like?

Her name is Nina. She dances ballet, and has managed to scoop the leading part in a play called the Swan Lake which is a big deal. They have told her to play this sweet and innocent girl; the White Swan. She has managed, but they want her to also be this sultry seductive evil thing called the Black Swan. They are very insistent on this point.

So that is when problems come because she cannot manage. It is hard but she is determined and keeps on keeping on. In her head
Nina enlists the help of this girl, who she hates. Anti the chick is a badass and Nina is scared that she is going to steal her part as the Black Swan.

You saying something?

This girl however doesn’t know and I suspect even care. But our heroine is not deterred in her quest to oba achieve what and even does bad manners with this girl.


In the end she succeeds in becoming both the White and Black Swans and delivers a breath taking performance despite a deranged bitch of a mother forcing life and clipping toe-nails and generally making stuff hard. But the ultimate performance requires the ultimate price.
It was a good movie with a good message. To wit, being mental has its uses.

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