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The whole city was all about beef last week. You have all heard about the Atlas vs. Navio beef, but that was nothing compared to this beef; the battle for the title of King of Kampala. This is how it played out. We bring it to you as it really was. This is the real story, disregard that watered down account you heard on radio or read in Uganda’s Leading Weakly.

It started with a much anticipated battle between SwaGG Luke and Yung Vamp. That’s where the real drama started. Yung Vamp (allegedly) came to the battle with his stuff pre written. One of the judges even foundnotes stashed in a ballot box. A brawl broke out. A re- match was scheduled and as expected, Yung Vamp couldn’t bring it, he choked and the title went to SwaGG Luke. The last we heard of Yung Vamp is that he is now gone into business selling radio space and hair care products.

It's all about the money ma niggaz!!

So there was a new champ in the city, and Kampala waited with bated breath to see what would happen next. Those who expected to see the sort of macho posturing that defines the hip hop game and sometimes (?) the political game were not disappointed. SwaGG Luke hit and hit hard. He went straight for the champ, the kingpin, El Monsignor himself!

He said what!!!

This is how it went down,SwaGG Luke first dropped an easy of the top with a sweet punch line.

/This is my turf now so go slow/
/You know I flow so fabuloso they call me Lukwago? /
/So Step back/
/‘fore I flip like a Crip and kick you back. Tae bo! /

The Monsignor quickly spit a verse praising his skills; which he did with his characteristic old school flow and humorous approach.

/You? Kick me? Not only am I nicer/
/am the NRM striker and own the referee! /
/My flow so swaggeriffic, so so scientific /
/when I take a trip, in my jeep, am rhyming GDP statistics! /
/And I flow that ish till my cows come home/
/spitting no written everything off the dome/
/ (Get it? off the dome?)/

No punk himself, SwaGG Luke was unsettled by the Monsignor’s retort but came back in true swag style to remind the Monsignor that he was a force in the streets and not one to be played with.

/Battle tested, twice arrested/
/and still your man I beat to the seat contested/
/Hey ya, you know am the lord mayor/
And I don’t have to tell ya am an NRM slayer/
/Swag infested over time I have been proved/
/But you check my A-level just to get me in the news/
/We lawyer dudes are shrewd like the devil! /
/but am more like Satan’s cousin. Twice removed/

that incensed the big man. The Monsignor came back quickly with a freestyle that some people say; SwaGG Luke may never recover from. But SwaGG Luke has seen wars you people, you never know…

/Control B… Shift F3/
/Bald in the capital but still a guerilla Mcee/
/I might rat a-tat you, go further and anazzur rap you/
/Saran wrap you then throw you in my Beamer /
/A Kampala to Mbarara killer go ask Byanyima/
/A mere ten years after the dame dissed me/
/People now asking damn! Where is she? /
/My political Uzi, amma let it ooze/
/An Executive Director to monitor you fools/
/Already in meetings with inner city youths/
/Two thousand strong, should I go on? /
Well then keep the city clean…
… and watch your tongue/

And Whooooooo!!!! It was a wrap, and SwaGG Luke hasn’t brought another one. (Yet)

SwaGG Luke choking

Let’s watch and see how the politics and egos continue as our heroes’ battle with their freestyles, beat-boxing and holding cyphers after class in the corridors of power. It is going to be an interesting five years. Hopefully the people will get something out of it.


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