Reel Ting: Battle Colon Los Angeles

By • Mar 18th, 2011 • Category: WTH

Many movie watchers have asked themselves: Why is it that whenever space aliens invade earth they go straight to America and the Western countries in movies?

Bambi it’s obvious. Even earth aliens only invade America. Ask Mexicans and Eastern Europeans and all your kyeyo-banger cousins.

Or what about this tack: Aliens may invade Africa but for example if they came to Bweyogere, Najjanankumbi and Lumumba Hall, who would notice?

In fact, come to think of it, they probably already have. I am not really sure about the origins of certain people. Where is Sematimba really really from?


Anyway, Battle: Los Angeles is about space invaders who attack earth and have to battle guess where. Hint. It’s not Arua.

The difference here, according to this preview, is that the aliens actually attacked all the major cities of the globe (Sorry, Entebbe. First Israeli Air Force, now this.) and subdued them with no problem.

But then LA? That’s where they find a real battle.

This Los Angeles, as we know, is full of people like the Kardashians, Snoop, that Hilton idiot (actually, both of those Hilton idiots)  but it also has a substantial military presence in this movie and they proceed to explode and also make other things explode for a couple of hours.


Now, the trailer suggests that it’s one of those movies which you can watch with your ipod on cos there’s no dialogue you need to follow. It’s all just boom boom and bang bang, but if you like that sort of thing…


Oh, and Michelle Roderiguez is in it. When you saw her in Lost you wanted to have sex with her but you were afraid she might hurt you.


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  • savvy kenya

    Sounds like just my kind of movie. And no, when I watched Lost I did not want to have sex with Michelle Rodriguez

  • Pffft!!

    ahh that movie is ******! Michelle Rodriguez is to movies what Summer Glau is to series.

  • Ernest Bazanye

    Somehow I don’t think this is a compliment to Michelle Roderiguez. Or to Summer Glau for that matter. Who is Summer Glau?