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In Cinemas (well, the one cinema) this week is Drive Angry, starring Nicolas Cage, Amber Heard, and Mr.William Fitchner as Evil Incarnate


I like Nicolas Cage in the sense of how you have a buddy who used to be cool on campus, though he is now unemployed and all he does is crash on your couch and drink. That’s my relationship with Nic Cage. He used to do awesome movies: he was Castor Troy, he was Andy Kaufmann, he was badass in Lord Of War… lately, he’s sucked a few times, but you know, I still believe in him the way you don’t throw that loser off your couch because you still believe that he might just do or say something any time now that will remind you of why the hell you ever became friends in the first place.


Drive Angry might just be what Cage does to return to his rightful place alongside Wolverine as a person it’s worth the effort of watching on screens. Because the trailer of Drive Angry just made my eyes scream.


Explosions, fast cars, big guns, wisecracks. What more do you want?


Here is your plot synopsis. Cage is a badass who breaks out of not prison, because he already did the prison break in Con Air but Hell–  Hades itself. Now he drives around stato with a gun trying to save his granddaughter from a cult.

Hot on his heels is William Fichtner as the devil’s accountant, sent to get him back.


You don’t recognize the name William Fichtner? You should. This is William Fichtner.


Blam! Blam! $%^$!!

…in the Dark Knight



And this is him in Armageddon

Blam! Kablam!

And this is him in Prison Break

This time no gun


You are a fan of William Fichtner.


Ya feel me, dawg?





Critic’s Corner

Now me, as Ivan,  I don’t like Nicholas Cage. I think he plays the same part in all his movies and the only thing that changes is his wig. He sounds the same, laughs the same and looks depressed the same. This one I am going to watch because of William “Mahone” Fichtner. If he was not there, nnela you wouldn’t have caught me in the cinema.

Some people have said they won’t watch it because we don’t have 3D. To them I say, Stupid! can you handle 3D? You who goes and complains that someone in the audience was there giving commentary on the film. Kati imagine that same person was there shouting everytime a bullet went whizzing over their ear… would you handle that? Don’t question a good thing.

Just shut up and watch.




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