Talk On Me

By • Mar 10th, 2011 • Category: Letters To The Editor

Legendary Editor,

My name is Wheelchair. Bebe Cool’s Wheelchair. Yeah, my name is one among the few with apostrophes. How cool is that? All other names are lame.

I write to you because I’ve noticed a declining trend in the way the media mentions me. No one talks about me anymore. No one! Not that I’m complaining but I’m not even in the classifieds section of any newspaper or even the front page of Red Pepper. Red Pepper! What, Otunnu qualifies and I don’t?

So he dresses in curtains. So human hair keeps eluding his head. So he staged a peaceful violent demonstration. So what? You have no idea how many riots I’ve been in, do you? Neither do I but I’ve been shot at many times. Nine times. Well, not exactly nine times but I hope to have nine bullet wounds on me some day.

Today’s New Vision and Monitor had S.6 stars pasted allover the front pages. I’ve also been in S.6 before. Don’t think just because that what what. In fact after S.6 I joined university where I got a Bachelor’s Degree in Bebe Cool’s Lame Affairs (BCLA). Not that I’m complaining but S.6? Pfft! I should be on those front pages.

What’s wrong with editors these days? Do I have to be in NRM to be talked about? My boss was part of Ragga Sevo’s campaign entourage. I want to be back in the news. Am in NRM!

Bebe’s Cool’s Wheelchair.

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