Local Artiste Finds Something New To Sing About

By • Feb 22nd, 2011 • Category: Society

A renowned rocko artis, one of the Bantons or Dees has finally discovered a new topic to sing about. After over twenty single-song albums, something-Banton or something-Dee got tired of singing about the same old stuff and grudgingly dedicated part of his brain to thinking up a new topic.

Yo yo yo ye ye ye meyn ya ya ya yi

“I have sang on money booyaka booyaka, I have sang on women booyaka, I have sang on weed, even money nalumansi, then also women booyaka mi’a say, and even weed nalumansi, then money, women…very many things,” said Banton or Dee.

“But now I sat down with stamina and thought properly with ability and I wanted to sing about something new. My girlfriend. No one has done that before even internationally like in Jinja, Gulu…anywhere. I want to be the first one.”

Dee or Banton angrily refused to acknowledge ULK’s claim that his girlfriend was covered under women, clarifying that girlfriends and women were two totally different things. He asked us to leave now or am going to beat you.

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