Uganda Elects 2011: The Mourning After

By • Feb 19th, 2011 • Category: WTH

Ivan here, survived the fashion onslaught at the polling stations….

Technically, this should have been title The Aftermath, but Dre still  has his restraining order up and we can’t touch that stuff. In an attempt to show that he was serious when he said he would have results in 48hours, the head of the EC, a one BK, has gone ahead and let the results trickle out slowly by slowly.

Not to be outdone, companies that underhandedly stole our privacy from right under our noses have started to sneak in messages telling us that the incumbent has snatched an overwhelming 72% whilst the balance is to be shared by the rest…yes, even Otunnu.

Speaking of, the search for Otunnu has come to an end, not so much because he was found, but owing to the realisation that we don’t really care.

One very bitter voter was disappointed to learn that the comedian this time round was from UPC. “Kale I thought nti the customary comedian was that guy from Amarula, but then this happened. I don’t get it. It’s not even funny… I mean, WTF?’

Otunnu on his part has issued a number of explanations for his failure to launch. The most popular one at the moment is that he did not know which candidate to vote.

Former Mayor Nasser Sebagala reiterated his claim that Olara has become ‘a laughing stone’.

On the other hand, TV stations have not shared the same material the way they are now since PLE… or Michael Ezra…or UCE, actually you know what, finding the same stuff on every channel is downright annoying. Even when NBS’ Joy Doreen is there telling us that there are statistics that are trying to be interesting.

The city is clean, finally, so I guess the elections were not such a bad thing.

Boda boda guys are suddenly more vocal with one going as far as to suggest that we ‘robbed’ them. The resulting melee was not brought on by the passenger acknowledging the truth in these words, but rather his confession that he voted Olara Otunnu.

Baddru Kiggundu is glad with the way things are going, “I finally got to wear my thinking cap, lolest”

to be continued…

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