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The Legends were a guest of Elyt magazine last night. The magazine people were making merry because their fourth issue had hit the scorching Kampala streets. The event, dubbed ‘Bold and Beautiful’, was one of glitz and glamour I tell you. You needed a cap and shades to save your eyesight from being molested by all the flashiness going on. The Streetsider got there first and he captured quite a bit. Over to you Streets:

Elyt magazine, I went.

So I walked in, a bit stoned, I was conversing with my legs half the time. One foot forward, bring the other from the back… repeat process. Left foot, right foot, do it again…red carpet. Nice. Rose petals. Nice. A band. Nice. Wait! Chics!

Hot chics!!

I am half way not sure where to take this article what with how well organized and classy the event was. And taking place at one of the most first rate bar/club/restaurant combos in Kampala.

“But where is the fun in that?” says the evil in me. I do not like arguing with the evil in me so first, back to the chics. They brought it… and killed it! Brought it to life and killed it again.  All sorts of sexiness to titillate your palette. I think I may have shed a tear or two for joy. Ms. Short Black Dress by the bar at exactly 22:03 hrs GMT+3. May you live a long and blessed life.

The theme was bold and beautiful; should have been bald and beautiful considering all the chrome-domed white men there. The MC, Roger Mugisha dedicated a good ten minutes to their ass- kissing.

Roger Mugisha is a good MC, better than most; coolly dressed… suave, doing his thing with style. He did a stellar job, no one will tell you different, but that doesn’t mean he wasn’t brushing ass out of his gums this morning.

Sean, Mr. Elyt Magazine, Mr. naughty swagger himself. True epitome of bold. His look is really brave. Who else goes around looking like he was in a bar fight and someone broke a bottle of peroxide over his head?

Mr. Elyt Magazine

I is happppyyyiii

The band, Janzi. Formidable. I liked that salt shaker thing the singers were doing. Thought it made them look like t-rexes on the right side of their bodies.

The crowd

Chameleon. Nearly missed him because of his 50-man strong entourage’s dreadlocks bouncing around obscuring everything.

Cindy. Performed with the band. I can’t hate on Cindy you people, she rocks. So does Racheal K. who definitely rocks though I am cautious about saying that. What if she’s holding a guitar when she reads this?

Michael Ross. Even him he was there.

HB toxic.

Susan Ochola. ARAB MONEY! She was the bomb.

I got in fashionable delayed. I had a stare-down in the parking lot. I won. Blood-shot eyes help.  And saying “I kill you!”. For some strange reason, Streetsider left out the fact that, while seductively batting her eyes, Cindy performed her hit ‘Ayokya yokya’ and dedicated it to the Elyt magazine cover girl. We aren’t sure if the two run into each other’s embrace after the show.

Also, he left out the fact that Chameleone got a table at the front. Right below the stage so anyone who got onto stage in a short skirt, yes, Chameleone peeked. Sorry to tell you this late, I had no microphone. That said, his garb could pass for bold. Loud blue. And a few flowery patterns here and there. But he didn’t show any signs of comprehending what was going on. From the glassy look in his eye, he could have been at home playing hide-and-go-seek with the maid. Or watching that movie, ‘The men who stare at goats”. Or doing an online IQ test. Or filling out the crossword.I have been your host Legend, Sleek.

Liking this article is what happens to cool people

  • milan

    Did u look at the magazine or your eyes were fixated on the girls hehehehehe……

    • Sleek

      Milan, magazine? What magazine?

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  • milan

    Never mind SMH