Urban Legend Staff Meeting #34

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In attendance:

  • Senior Staff (The Five of Us)
  • Junior Staff (Business Manager)
  • Waitress


Kiwatule Recreation Centre

Manager: Glad you could all make it sort of on time (Glares at everyone. Sarcasm flies off like water off a chicken’s ass.)

Staff: Why are we here again?

Last time we met indoors I almost died from second hand smoke.

Gwe, what is this place? Nga I’ve never seen it before.

Staff: It’s Kiwatule Recreation Centre. It’s like for people to bring their kids. When…

Staff: I don’t have kids! And I don’t even know what that woman is talking about. She was lying. That’s my story and I’m sticking with it.

A father who abandons his children. How droll.

Staff: Okay, maybe just one little kid. But he’s being raised by his mother’s husband. She doesn’t know, so shush.

Staff: If it’s a place for kids, what about that group of middle aged people in the corner wearing thick Nigerian clothes and suits in this heat?

Staff: That’s the organization committee of Bidandi Ssali for president. You know this is his rec centre.

Manager: Can we open this meeting? Your attention guys, I need to get your approval of this new logo.

Staff: Bidandi Ssali is standing for President?

Staff: I think he is. And so does he.

Staff: Imagine how awesome it would be if he wins. Bebe Cool would become head of PGB!

And he would finally have the executive powers to arrest and torture all his haters!

Manager: Guys, please, your attention. We have to look at this logo. You see, we are trying to position …

Staff: Does anyone have a light? I can’t find mine.

Manager: …position our brand…

Which boda brought you? The cross-eyed guy with the red element?

Staff: Yeah. How did you know?

Staff: King of all pickpockets. One eye watches you the other eye watches the pockets. Check and see. You don’t have a wallet any more either.

Shit! You’re right!


Waitress, do you have those drinks with the leaves in them? The ones that be at Mateos. Emwito.

So this logo is going to establish ULK as an ..

No, it’s a cocktail. It has leaves in it. Called Emwito. Leaves. Tastes minty. What? Mwito. Mohito. Okay. That one.

Dude, you want to drink a mohito? When did you come out of the closet?

Staff: ***k you! Those leaves rock. I drank those leaves at Mateos and had a flashback to the day I defiled my teacher in S1…

Staff: You defiled her?

Well, it started with her thinking she was coming for me, but by the end it was clear who had done what to whom. I made her a woman.

Manager: Look, you guys, just take a look at the damn logo, please?

Staff: Wow. Nice. My eyes are crying. Put it there.

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  • http://www.savvykenya.com savvykenya

    No comment. I’ve settled to saying no comment coz the posts are just too good.

  • Windhoek

    you cant put all humour ,sattire,dumbass-ness(waaaat tis correct Eng)  At tha same table and get anything done..

  • Windhoek

    you cant put all humour ,sattire,dumbass-ness(waaaat tis correct Eng)  At tha same table and get anything done..

  • Windhoek

    you cant put all humour ,sattire,dumbass-ness(waaaat tis correct Eng)  At tha same table and get anything done..