Police Arm Heavily Ahead Of M7 Win

By • Jan 18th, 2011 • Category: Politics

The police have imported a hefty number of high-tech anti-opposition member gear ahead of the incumbent president’s win in next month’s general elections. Among the new equipment are more than a dozen teargas vehicles, water tankers, pepper sprayers and troop carriers and buses, supplied by a Chinese-based firm.

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They arrived in Kampala between 2pm and 3pm as curious onlookers gathered by the roadside to choose which way they preferred to die. A spokesperson for the ruling NRM party advised voters to vote Museveni peacefully and to not give in to intimidation from other candidates as it was unlawful.

She disclosed that the new equipment was only meant to ease the government’s work at Museveni’s swear-in ceremony. “The teargas vehicles will be used in case voters are overcome by emotion and want to cry tears of joy but are out of tears. Then we shall spray some gas for free. The water tankers will supply fresh water to wash their joyous faces after. The pepper sprayers; those are just for those bastards at Red Pepper,” she said.

President Museveni is expected to win by at least 66 percent according to an opinion poll conducted or not conducted by market research firm, Synovate.

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