No Country For Old Men

By • Jan 10th, 2011 • Category: Movie Of The Month


Baddru Kiggundu


Amama Mbabazi (Screamplay), Saalamu Musumba (Screenplay)


Jaberi B. Ssali, Yoweri K. Museveni, Warren K. Besigye, Nobert ? Mao, Beti T Kamya and friends


A little East African country sets the stage for this tale of power, greed, a rivalry spanning generations…  and old age.  Warren is a guy just trying to make things work, but his rival doesn’t believe in that shit. He has tasted power and he knows how it corrupts…and it tastes nice too.

Enter Jaberi, a man that has watched the relationship turn sour over time and now wants a piece of the pie. With support performances from Nobert ‘Hero’ Mao, Samuel ‘say-what’ Lubega and a surprise turn from Beti ‘outside countries’ Kamya, No Country is the 2011 event that everyone will talk about.

Produced by a much maligned Electoral Commission, this is what you have been waiting for… that and the sequel (depending on the outcome at the box office) tentatively titled, “There May Be Blood”.


  • Today’s best movie – Sanyu FM
  • We watched it independently and laughed out loud independently. No government influence – The Independent
  • Ekikulu oluzungu lungi. Da piple doing bad mannas are were? – Kamunye
  • Good for generating headaches and a general sense of whatinthef***? – Freethoughtkampala

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