New Poll: Fathers Are Generally Older Than Their Sons

By • Jan 7th, 2011 • Category: Society

An official study carried out in the war torn outskirts of a Rotatrim foolscap by Fabricators Ltd shows that nine out of every ten fathers are older than the children they gave birth to.

Fabricators, a market research organization owned by the Urban Legend Group, performed the shs.800m study using public funds meant to help the impoverished and diseased Ugandan population. The research funds were approved by the government as part of their latest campaign to productively misuse the nation’s finances.

Fabricators employees busy doing research

In his presentation speech of the final research results to members of parliament, Fabricators Managing Director Mr. Aydont Kheyar said that it was quite shocking that most fathers were too selfish to give their sons a chance to grow older than them. “It makes no sense to be a father if you can’t give your son a chance to grow older than you,” he said.

What the: A crowd reacts as a selfish father be's older than his son

He revealed that only one out of every ten fathers actually let their sons grow older. “They either died which is quite responsible or they travelled abroad to give their kids enough space to catch up with their age.” In his closing remarks he called upon the clearly impressed MPs and the government to ignore important national issues and approve another 20 billion shillings for another study into how much chopping one’s pubic hair affected international trade.

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