Movies Of The Week (No, not Movie of the Month)

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It’s the weekend and you are probably thinking of what movies to watch this weekend. Don’t worry. I’ve got you covered. I am Mr Hollywood, me.
A caveat: These movie previews may or may not be 100% accurate, as I have not actually watched the films mentioned.

Tron Legacy

A movie about an avid video gamer who gets sucked into cyberspace– literally. As in one minute he is out here with humans (aka in “meatspace”) and the next he is inside the computer with the little shiny people. This is an update of a movie from the eighties when computer games were still very new and mysterious to people, and they all probably thought that it is in fact how games were played, that is, that there were actual people inside the computers.
Starring Jeff Bridges and Jack Black

Hektor Taffa.

The Chronicles of Nina: Voyage of The Dawn Treader

This is the third in the franchise of fantasy/magic movies based on a classic series of books from Christian author and apologist C.S. Lewis about the life of a Sanyu FM presenter. The hero of these books is a radio DJ who kicks ass every evening on The Fuse and then kicks it all the more extravagantly every last Wednesday of the month, when it is The Oldies Fuse.
In each of the movies she faces a new challenge. In Voyage of The Dawn Treader it is the mud tracked into the studios by the presenters of the early-morning breakfast show, Aslan and the White Witch, who tread onto the studio carpets with dirt from their hoods. Because they come from Muyenga and Kazo respectively, magical lands with supernaturally evil mud, mud and it festers all day, leading to much slapstick hilarity when other presenters slip and fall in it. One of the best moments of comedy in this film comes when presenter Biggy Ben (played by Jack Black) collapses while presenting a duet by R. Kelly and Usher as a song by “Robert Kelly and Usher Raymond”.

Still not dead

Jew Date

A romantic comedy that looks at love and relationships in the world of the Bayudaya, a small sect of Ugandan followers of the Judaist religion.
A flamboyant big city party animal and budding rock star, played by America Ferrera of Ugly Betty fame, is booed off stage at a big music festival. Distraught and demoralized and embarrassed, she decides to give up on her dream of being a rock star and leaves the city to escape the embarrassment.
She ends up in the small town of Mbale, South Carolina, where she meets a dashing member of the Bayudaya, (played by Robert Downey Jr) and falls in love with him, the lifestyle and the fact that they don’t know what rock music is, so they can’t tell whether she is doing it right or not.


An action comedy starring the Fire Base Crew. When dancehall stars Bobi Wine (Tracy Morgan) and Buchaman (Seth Rogen) accidentally bump heads while bobbing to the latest wicked riddim beat by producer Washington (Jack Black) they get their dreadlocks intertwined. Only one person can untangle them, the mysterious WizardKinyonzi (Ivan Musoke). But at a cost. They have to fight through a series of challenges to prove themselves worthy.


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