Form Six Leaver Believes Exams Were Biased Against Dense Students

By • Dec 13th, 2010 • Category: Society

A senior six candidate whose name was shy to come out of his mouth revealed to ULK that this year’s UNEB examinations were unfairly inclined only to bright and focused students. He believed that whoever had set the exams clearly did not want dim-witted students who had chopped classes like him to pass.

“I have a feeling they were mostly targeting me, you get? Me after spending 4 years in senior six I now know that someone out there just doesn’t want me to leave S.6, you click?” shy name said. “I think it’s not fair to set vital exams like these and not think about students who cut preps and escape from school to party while their buddies are reading, you understand? That’s racism, you dig? They are also human beings who want to enter university, you zig?”

Shy name disclosed that most of the exam questions required one to know the right answers which meant that the minority population of wrong answers was oppressed, unfairly treated and denied their freedom of expression. He asked the Uganda National Examinations Board to put his grievance into consideration when setting next year’s form six exams.

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