Search For The Rigginator

By • Dec 10th, 2010 • Category: WTH

The Rigginator. That is the title of a sensationally funny movie poster that is the latest Ugandan forward success. This picture of current president Yoweri Museveni of Uganda photoshopped into a scene from Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Terminator has not only been forwarded in many emails and posted on many facebook walls, it even featured in the Observer (a local newspaper)!

(The Rigginator. Also available on facebook, in emails, and in a certain newspaper there called The Observer)

We here at Urban Legend had our interest piqued and we decided to investigate. I left my office at Urban Legend Head Office in Al’s Bar to seek out the genius behind this hilarious poster.

After an intensive investigation, exhaustive use of all the formidable journalistic and CSI skills at my disposal I finally discovered who it was.

So I went back to office. Cos it was Erique. We posted that shit up like on Monday.

I found Erique in the kitchen sautéing a halibut and decided to get right into the Q&A

Superjournalist: You man, I just got an email fwd. Guess what’s in it? Rigginator! And guess where from? I swear. This thing has gone everywhere. I bet next thing we are going to see it on The Daily Show. In fact, I have been getting beeps from a strange number that I think is from states. Oops. Here it goes again. Let me answer. Shush.

Jon? What’s up? Mwana you can’t beep from Manhattan. Just because Warid cut rates to call overseas to low-low rates? I know they advertise on our site and even get mentions in the articles, but they don’t give us free airtime. A brother like me is still broke. Anyway, wharrup. I assume you are calling because you want to put Rigginator on The Daily Show? Hello? Oh, it’s not Jon. Is it NTV’s Point Blank? Hello? Agnes, what’s up. I know you are not mad about us saying you got hiccups and ended up in hospital after overpronouncing your name. It’s a sexy name actuall— it’s not Agnes? Who is this? If it’s Bebe Cool, dude, stop stalking. It’s not even funny anymore… oh, it’s you, hi, baby. No I’m actually in the middle of an interview. Can I call you back? Your husband has left for the village? What are you wearing? … oooh. … OOOh! Don’t move. I’ll be right there.

Erique, we have to do this interview another time. I have to … um… well… I can’t explain here. This isn’t that sort of site.”

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