Man Called Son Of A Bitch, Asks For Maternity Test With Dog

By • Dec 6th, 2010 • Category: Society

A city man only identified as Jack yesterday applied for a maternity test with his dog to establish the truth behind his friend Peter’s claim that he was a son of a bitch. Peter, who had caught Jack having sex with his (Peter’s) girlfriend, opened a bout of anger that led to a bitter exchange of punches and words directed at Jack including “…you goddamn son of a bitch!”

According to the cheating girlfriend, Jack was clearly hurt by these words and loudly wondered why his close friend would say such a mean thing. Amidst sobs, Jack then asked the friend why he had refused to tell him who his real mother was this whole time.

“We’ve been best friends for over ten years now, you knew who my real mother was and you never told me?” Jack asked. “You know what Pete? I think we need time apart. I need some time alone to get over this. Honestly, this is not something you do to a close friend. Shame on you.”

The cheating girlfriend was startled by her boyfriend’s actions and remarks and promised to be there for Jack the victim through this tough time. She disclosed that it would take a really good apology from her boyfriend Peter to even think of getting back with him and added that they were expecting the maternity test results within a week.

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