Bebe Cool Not Happy With Future Paparazzi Attention

By • Dec 6th, 2010 • Category: Society

Local popstar Bebe “Big is Big” Cool has expressed bitterness over the way journalists and cameramen from all newspapers, TV stations and radio stations worldwide will put too much attention on him centuries to come. He especially pointed out that he hates the way CNN will not give him breathing space.

“I really don’t like this I tell you,” he spat. “People will say am dating Beyonce, they saw me last night in Las Vegas with Jessica Alba, am signing secret deals with Aftermath Records…a big person like me can’t be associated with such sincerely. Where does the international media get the guts to say such things about me? Leave me alone! In future!”

Big asked the government to protect him by sending him to the United States and facilitating his stay there plus all his video shoots. He reasoned that it was in the best interests of the human race to focus all of the country’s resources on ensuring his safety right now and averting the future media blowout. “And I want the entire East African Community to wait for me at the airport when I come back.”

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  • tumwijuke


    That guy is an idiot.

    But so is ULK, so I’m confused.