DJ BK And The Masque Of Funk

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First, a few observations about Sanyu FM Listeners. One is that they include asshole drivers. Drive like pigs. As if they are handling the steering with pig-feet and doing the navigation and decision-making with pig-brains. I would like to call upon Fatboy, Seanice and DJ BK, now that we know he can speak English, to please send a message to these guys. That message is: “Try not to fucking kill me next time.”

The second observation is that  the female ones don’t have a lot of fabric to take to Cayenne. There was so much indecent dressing!  Eh! I was concerned about the future generation of Ugandans if this is how we dress!

It was awesome. Sanyu FM Listening chicks have fit legs, so you know this future generation is going to arrive very early.

As my esteemed colleagues will inform you in greater length when they wake up, Urban Legend Kampala was the guest of Sanyu at the unveiling of the world-famous DJ BK.

I even ran into Val and he just began to hurl free beers at me, determined to inebriate the journalist and his colleagues. Val knows his business.

Now, me I am a good boy. I only go to Cayenne during the day (I am also upper-middle-class) so the only people I am used to seeing there are bazungu and waiters, so this was a new experience. Being at Cayenne and not even being able to see the walls or the floor because every inch of land is full of dancing. The wonderful legs all wining, every time BK did those mixing things of his they whooped. Like when Kobe hits a three.

Now, this just in: Sleek has woken up and has found  his way to ULK headquarters with the rest of t his report. Over to you, Sleek.

Senks Senks Ernest. Eyes are still bleary…and slightly blood-shot…and the voice, hoarse; but that’s what you get for screaming like a 15-year old teenage girl on cheap steroids. So onto the BK bidness….seeing as pen and book were in one hand, beer in the other, this might be a bit izzy wizzy.

I liked:
Much as the whole world was there (yes, even your teacher from High School), it wasn’t stuffy. One could breathe. And walk around freely. And say hi to the leggy girls. And also say “Hi. I’m BK’s bro. Me I know who he is. He even likes grasshoppers. But I just came because my cargo from Dubai finally cleared so I didn’t want to watch my 25-inch Plasma screen alone. So I came to watch my bro spin those bi things. But what’s your number btw?” Yes yes, you could actually say ‘btw’ and get away with it. Sanyu girls are sharp.

The band was a very creative addition. All in suits. Nice. So was the ‘text djbkmix to bla bla’ for him to play your song.

When in full flight, BK REALLY BROUGHT IT! When in full flight.

Miffed because:
Our gals do not know what to do with the ‘Bend-over’ song. Despite specific instructions. But Ug girls oso them…

The sound had some glitches. So much so that the band had to leave stage unceremoniously.

DJ BK struggled at the start. Must be the pombe. Or all the beautiful gals staring at him saying ‘Eh mama BK. Me i want your number..‘. He could also have done with some local songs in the mash-up. The DJ did some good stuff. But for now, we’ll watch as he grows into an entertainer with a stage presence. See DJ Bennie D.

I still do not know who BK is. Blame it on his mask, and his painted face…and my blurry vision. Damn you Pilsner!

Liking this article is what happens to cool people

  • carol

    Banange your sooo right about the driving some nut blocked me- i was soo pissed i almost cursed the whole event – but all in all it was well organised and well catered for BIG UP SANYU FM – only the sound was not good- can the peeps at cayenne do better next time – sha !

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