Yellow hits the Streets

By • Dec 1st, 2010 • Category: In The News, WTH

A lady only identified as Nabulime stormed the NRM headquarters demanding yellow shoes to go with her MTN marathon gear.
She claimed that the cap, bandana, bottle, vest, bag and wristband were not were not exhaustive and since this was a marathon, the least she could ask for was yellow running shoes. She also wanted pineapple quencher to put in her bottle “for to drink during the race” as she put it.
“F*cked if I care” was her response when told that the NRM headquarters were not a requisitioning depot for the MTN marathon. “I saw the billboard, it was yellow, not so? And it clearly says that we shall have the nice shoes with the yellow stripe. I just want my constitutional rights!” she heatedly demanded at the NRM headquarters.” I don’t even want a rap, just a pair of shoes.”
Increasingly weird demands have arisen over the past two days concerning the long awaited marathon. Commented Mr. James “bright-yellow-light” Kasana, Director of Logistics at Hannington Road. There seems to be a communication gap of some sort. Nonetheless people really seem to be on some sort of yellow high, and it is manifesting in some pretty strange demands. Some want yellow sunglasses (with yellow lenses) yellow umbrellas, yellow condoms (mainly Red Pepper staff), quencher, yellow goats… It is crazy.” Said a perplexed Kasana.
Without doubt yellow is going to be the color in the streets and everywhere else come 5th December. In a bid to add something to the general mood, I swear that I will not brush my teeth on the morning of the 5th. That way my smile will add a little more yellow joy into the festivities.

Kampalans will look like this in a few days.

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