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It’s not for playing


Yoweri Schwarz, Nobert Patrick, Beti Connor, John Besigye and others who were just paid to get killed


Brad Radio & Weasel Fiedel


Badru Cameron


This blockbuster is Badru’s debut piece as a director. Set in the future, it centers around a group of evil Rigginators sent to Kampala to destroy incumbent Rigginator Schwarz in order to invade the city and annihilate all its filth and corruption. To succeed, each must fight to rig their way into the system Pakalast. But how?

With the help of a group of earth dwellers known as The Mpe’Nkoniz, the incumbent Rigginator enters studio and raps them off the face of the earth. Before delivering the killing blow to each of them, he asks “You want another rap?” they answer “Yes Sevo” then he shoots them. Gruesome just.


  • Very many complicated and useless words that mean the movie is kickass – The Observer
  • Maamaaaaaaaaa! – Bukedde
  • For us the naked parts are the best – Red Pepper
  • Warrup yo! Teeniez yo! This thing bees hard yo! – Buzz

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