Nsaba Buturo falls out with Common Sense

By • Nov 29th, 2010 • Category: Politics

Minister of State for Ethics and Integrity Hon. Nsaba Buturo’s longstanding grudge with Common Sense has finally succumbed to a bitter breakup. The two acrimoniously parted ways after failing to agree on a recent decision that led to Buturo blocking a sex workers’ meeting in Kampala that was meant to better the lives of those involved.

“God knows I’ve done my best to stay by his side every time he talks but we simply can’t be friends,” cried Common Sense. “That time when he asked government to shut EATV because he was not comfortable with their very entertaining videos, I wasn’t consulted beforehand which hurt me but I kept my cool. Then he continued to say things in public in my absence but I still forgave him. Now this?”

Common Sense revealed that Buturo’s act contravened the constitutional right to freedom of assembly and only worked to show how much the minister was fast becoming friends with Brainlessness, a renowned international criminal. Common Sense swore not to be part of such a spiteful friendship.

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