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The mail delayed on the way. But Ernie, here are other things sent in for your coming of age.

Why I Would Vote Ernest Bazanye Looyortic by 27th Comrade

You make a dichotomy between “mayor” and “loonie” as though you do not stay in Kampala.
I, for one, am an Entebbe boy, so this does not hold; but you are Urban Legend Kampala. I mean, please.
Yet a vote is one, and I have to pick one end alone, or else I have an invalid vote.

Ernest Bazanye gets “mayor” from me, because he is running against the incumbent. Votes for anyone do not make sense except in light of who you are not voting for while opting for the one you are voting for.
So, in this race, who stands athwart Baz? And on what grounds—policies, as it were—does Baz come out better?

Baz keeps at least one promise—that he will break his other promises—while the incumbent keeps none. I like that in a mayor: keeping at least one promise.
Of course, it is a promise made only by loonies, so that Baz is also a loonie. I refuse to spare him getting that vote too. I am in my “quantum superposition mood”. :o)

Why Ernie is Loonie by The Rising Page(TRP)

Light kissing my leaves
Setting sun putting a bounce on me
A little to the left then to the right
Till finally none is left.

How much more can I take
When will it end
With every passing hour
She keeps getting louder
Today is worse than yesterday.


She lurked out
Immaculately dressed
A smile lingering on her lips
Shivers ran through me
As she drifted by
At her entrance
Breaths were held.

With fluid grace
She picked him up
Mischievous glint in his eyes
He waited for the right moment
Then he let it out.
In a perfect motion
He aimed for nose.

Guttural sound escaped her lips
As she thrust the boy to whoever
She said,
Never shall you fit in
An Outcast, shall you be among your peers
Walking alone on every road you take
Madness your constant companion
Sanity your elusive friend.

Always dancing on the edge
A pox on you
Her eerie voice faded into the night.

And there indeed…
Is a tale of why he is, how he is.

Yours Truly,

..the one whom Jesus Loved….

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