Thank you for the love

By • Nov 18th, 2010 • Category: Letters To The Editor

Legendary Editor,

Am Broken English. I know. But thats my name. I do’nt know why my mother choose to name me a verb. My friends they call me Mbogo. By now am sure you have seen that my English is more properly. My mother forced me to go to school to study how to write this letter. Anyway I just write to thank Ugandans for all the hospitality theyve give me for over 60 years now.

Ever since I migrated into here in the 1950s, have been given world-class treatment only. Everywhere I pass I feel like family. Whenever I move around the country and I hear the way Ugandans misconstruct English sentences like Verbal World War III, my heart goes up. And it stays there.

Every university student speaks English words like Rafiki toilet paper. Like they have a multi-generational grudge with the langrage’s great grand parents. The way radio presenters in Kampala force accents and the way respectable figures in public misuse words is so adoreable.

I d’ont really have a generous way to reward you all but I only pray that God strengthens your suport and dedication to messing up the langrage. Because most of my suport it comes from the educated population, I strongly recommend the Ministry of Education for doing such a wonderfull job. That’s why for me I like the people here. God bless you all.

Liking this article is what happens to cool people