Red Pepper journalists buy condoms, report for MTN marathon nude

By • Nov 18th, 2010 • Category: Society

The Red Pepper newspaper staff yesterday astonished MTN staff after reporting for the marathon registration exercise totally naked. The incident happened early this morning at the MTN Towers on Plot 22, Hannington Road.

Witnesses disclosed that a red van quickly pulled up in front of the MTN building and about 14 naked and horny men and women jumped out with nothing but sneakers. The horny humans were immediately identified as Red Pepper journalists because of the way they matched like zombies while chanting “vuvuzela gologo vuvuzela gologo” and walking into the building.

An MTN official in charge of registration for the marathon commented that much as the incident looked bizarre to human beings, it was something quite normal to the Red Pepper species. “They heard the word ‘marathon’. What did you expect them to think? They came in here prepared to have an orgy and wanted to register for it. The Red Pepper kind thinks differently.”

An intern at the newspaper who retained his ability to speak like normal humans because he wasn’t yet fully initiated into the Red Pepper way of life told ULK that they were happy that MTN was in charge of such an erotic event. “It’s very noble of them. I don’t know why they insisted on wearing running shoes but it’s kinky enough for me. Let’s do this. Yarriba!”

This is what the Red Pepper scribes did not have in mind

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