Govt officials selling expired words to citizens – UNBS

By • Nov 18th, 2010 • Category: Society

The Uganda National Bureau of Standards has placed an immediate ban on all words spoken by government officials from the ruling party saying that they are expired and therefore not suitable for public consumption.

UNBS executive director, Dr. Terry Kahuma expressed bitterness towards the government for letting top ministers and MPs sell words that are way beyond their expiration date and asked the police and all concerned parties to intervene. “For example I read in a newspaper the other day that the government promised to build good roads and improve people’s welfare. That’s outrageous. Those words were supposed to be taken off the market over five years ago,” he said.

“Such words can even cause serious malaria. People could die.” He added that just last month, UNBS approved a new stock of words like ‘Now we have good roads’, ‘Corruption is no more’ and ‘I am stepping down for the next president’ but they were not yet on the market. “I think the words were swindled by corrupt officials and we shall not accept this.”

Inspector General of Police, Kale Kayihura declined to comment on the matter saying that he had unknowingly bought an expired sentence that read “We shall deal with those officials” and could not, therefore, use it.

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