Teacher reports to work hangover… eats own head

By • Nov 17th, 2010 • Category: Society

Austin Blariful, a Science teacher with Next-to-the-Pothole Primary School has eaten his head after a particularly festive midweek holiday. According to eye-witnesses, he reported to class moaning with the unfortunate head in both hands. After an hour of sitting at his desk reciting colorful obscenities in a flat monotone, the teacher stood up, made the sign of the cross and… bit his own head clean off.
Many of his workmates were displeased. The prevalent feeling was that there was something disturbing about biting your own head off in front of the nation’s embezzlers of tomorrow.
According to the Deputy Headmistress, Mrs. Matama Cheeks, This gentleman has a history of taking idioms too far.
“Sometimes he really abuses them. This is not the first time something of this nature has happened. Two weeks back, Austin took it into his head (now deceased) to engage in some ROTFLMAO. After laughing his ass off, he couldn’t even find it.” (It turned up later behind the printer in the bursar’s office)
“Even now I insist that ass had an attitude problem,” says the bursar, Mrs. Geraldine Tombowa.
The head was not available for comment, having been eaten.

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