Judge asks English word to dress up

By • Nov 8th, 2010 • Category: Society

A Kampala high court judge yesterday ordered the word “naked” to dress up or face public indecency charges. The decision was made after the judge read the word’s definition in the English dictionary and got horny.

“Completely unclothed. That’s how the dictionary defines it. What kind of picture do you think that creates in our children’s minds? That’s pornography. Look at what it did to me,” he said pointing at his nankani. “Every school library has a number of dictionaries. Now imagine how many kids are exposed to such indecency. It’s preposterous, I tell you,” complained the judge.

The word was not happy with the judge’s decision saying that it wasn’t its problem that it was born that way. “I am naked by nature. That’s not porn. If you don’t like it, don’t read me. If you clothed me up, you’d kill the purpose of my existence and in effect kill me. That’s murder. If he kills me, I’ll report him.”

Naked added that the judge was unhappy only coz he got a hard-on after reading it. “It’s quite flattering that I hold such power but that dude needs to get laid,” it said.

Some of the passionate followers of the word

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