Breaking news: Newspaper publishes some story about some shit

By • Nov 8th, 2010 • Category: Society

One of the prominent newspapers in Uganda has today published a story about some shit that happened somewhere at some point in life. The story that somehow ran on some page of the newspaper had some words that meant something if someone took the time to read them.

The story’s writer wasn’t available for comment by press time but one of the newspaper’s editors, Mr. Something Something said that they published the story to avail readers with information about some crap that was happening somewhere at some point in time and also to fill up space on some page just.

“Our readers pay some amount for this newspaper expecting to find stuff written everywhere on every page about something happening somewhere. Imagine opening a newspaper and finding no story about something happening somewhere. Nothing. Nil. Nara. Zip. Zero. Myamya. Okay, that last one doesn’t exist but you get the point. You’d gasp and be like ‘what!’ So this was a move to stop readers from gasping and being like ‘what!’ Awesome, right?”

The editorial team pledged to keep publishing stories about shit happening somewhere at some point on some pages of the newspaper using some ink that was bought from some place on some day at some fee.

Some picture about some shit

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