Moral high ground found. Politicians displeased.

By • Nov 5th, 2010 • Category: In The News, Politics

Moral high ground found. Politicians displeased.
A search for the moral high ground, a mythical land that for centuries has been reported to exist somewhere have finally proved successful. The moral high ground has finally been found (somewhere in Bwaise) by students from the Makerere School of Archeology. According to Sarah Magumba, boneotologist and team leader, the place is about fifteen square meters and populated by rainbows and what were described as, “Structural sleeping contraptions covered in the blossoms of the Rosa anemoniflora shrub”. These beds of roses Ms. Magumba was quick to point out, were evidently not meant to be slept in.
It appears from all accounts, that if one can only manage to get there and stay there, one should be very happy. (Provided that one can also sleep while standing up)
News of this discovery has been met with consternation by various politicians and rappers. Some are rejecting the findings outright. Pundits believe that this is due to the inability of the political animal to exist in the rarefied atmosphere of this high moral altitude.
“I am a good Christian. A believer, if I do not believe it exists then it doesn’t.”
“The whole of Bwaise is a swamp. This is bullsh*t.”
“What? We can’t allow such distractions to mess up my vision. Mumpe enkoni”!

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