Is there anyone out there for me?

By • Nov 3rd, 2010 • Category: Uncle Agony

Uncle Agony dear,

I’ve been in five relationships since I was 24. I am now 30 and still have no stable girlfriend. The funny thing is I broke up with all of them because they were quite materialistic. Are there any girls out there who can really like me for me?


Mike dear,

The English dictionary defines funny as something that provokes laughter. By calling your situation funny, I’d only assume you desire the relevant reaction. So LOL. Now, only someone with profound knowledge of the female species could possibly answer that question. I recommend you talk to God, their Creator. Our earthly satellite system doesn’t cover Heaven yet so phone, text, email or facebook won’t really work. I’m not familiar with prayer technology but users recommend it.

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  • Spiderman

    …but in the meantime keep on trying other girls. You might finally get lucky. Remember Rome was not built in one day.

  • Iwaya

    Zino enaku!