Handling The Stress Of A Great Relationship

By • Nov 1st, 2010 • Category: Love Doctor

A happy relationship can be quite distressing, especially for a man. There’s too much smiling, a lot of tiring sex and too many when-the-hell-are-you-proposing looks. If not handled well, the trauma that stems from seeing your lover happy all the time can be fatal. Here are five simple ways to help you cope.

Avoid going out:

It is essential to avoid hanging with friends and looking at them enjoying the single life. For a man, you end up reminiscing and wishing you had no woman to keep calling you on your Warid line asking you to call a policeman to watch you drive while talking on phone. It is better to keep indoors every single day and wait for her to sleep with someone else.

Think evil thoughts:

Think of getting married, having kids and living happily ever after. For a girl, such evil thoughts could help you reduce your man’s level of happiness immensely. When you notice he’s about to smile, ask how many kids he would like to have some day.


When things are going so great, it is always good to turn to God and ask Him for less happiness and spiritual guidance during such trying moments.

Talk to jealous friends:

It’s healthy to talk to friends who always want the worst for your relationship. They’ll happily give you a shoulder to smile on while not shutting up about how they “told you so”. Keep away from those who want the best for you. They are the enemy.

Encourage your lover to visit their ex:

And lastly, it’s always good for people in a badly happy relationship to keep in touch with their exes. Not the flour (Though it could also be useful during fights). Exes will always have a magical way of condensing the happiness between you two. Which is good.

Good luck. Best of sadness.

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