We are here to stay

By • Oct 26th, 2010 • Category: Letters To The Editor

Legendary Editor,

My name is Pothole Nkyaliwo. I come from the Pothole clan in Uganda and I’m a brother-in-law to Kampala Central of the City clan. Him and his brothers married from my clan and when we came together, we became the City Pothole clan. We are a very big clan; which is the reason I am writing this letter.

When our clans amalgamated, we earned the right to become an independent political institution fully supported and funded by the Ugandan government. We work very closely with the Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA) to ensure that our right to exist is protected.

I don’t understand why people keep urging the government to get rid of us. Apart from only widening the gap that already exists between our clan and Ugandans, you will achieve nothing. I’ve seen pictures of my friends and family pasted allover The Monitor, New Vision and Red Pepper every single day. I even saw a picture of my mother on Lumumba Avenue.

If you haven’t noticed, so far the government has done nothing. That is because they fully appreciate our right to exist and will continue supporting us. So stop wasting your time and leave us alone.


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    Wama, preach it!