I’m being forced to marry someone else

By • Oct 26th, 2010 • Category: Uncle Agony

Uncle Agony dear,

My parents are forcing me to marry a girl of their choice. I already have a fiancée but they have refused to bless our marriage saying I’m marrying from the wrong tribe. I’m torn between disobeying my biological parents and dumping a girl I love so much. Please advise me.


Ron dear,

Men are from Venus and women are from Mars. Or the other way round. The point is you got your girlfriend from Earth. To make it worse, you’re also from Earth. Basically, you’re both from the wrong tribe. Ask that other girl what planet she’s from. If she says Earth, she’s also from the wrong tribe. You should go to NASA in America and tell them to import a girl for you to love. Tell them Uncle sent you.

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    Venus vs Mars…..Jay Z…you could tell him to listen to that song…he prolly will figure it out…