Buganda govt trades ‘R’s for ‘L’s to save communication costs

By • Oct 26th, 2010 • Category: Politics

Buganda Kingdom has put together a task force in charge of rearranging English letters in speech to reduce on the costs of communication in the kingdom. This comes after the Katikkiro revealed that the Kingdom’s revenue sources were being depleted by the day and the available revenue had to be allocated wisely.

“We decided that all places that had the letter L would now have the letter R instead and vice versa,” said the Katikkiro. “So we put together a task force called the Lugamisflow Taskforce to rearrange all English words spoken by Baganda accordingly. Now you can’t call me Prime Minister, for example. That’s expensive. You call me Plime Minister.”

The Chairman of the Taskforce Mr Lichard Rwanga told ULK on phone that this was a strategic move to counter the closure of the Kingdom’s radio station. “CBS FM was a major source of income but after its crosure we have to fight to sustain the lemaining levenue. We shall raunch this cause by inviting internationarry lecognised people rike Ala Kerry to sensitize the people of Buganda.”

He further disclosed that the Taskforce also planned to replace the two letters “TH” with the more economical “S” but at a later date. “It is a sing of the future. Maybe in about sree months,” he said.

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