Ministry of Works imports more cellotape, starts work on roads

By • Oct 15th, 2010 • Category: Politics

Gerald Ssendaula looks on as John Nasasira shakes hands with a random white guy after signing the agreement

The Ministry of Works and Transport has resumed its road works project after importing 200,000 rolls of adhesive tape, 120,000 boxes of super glue and an unconfirmed number of bubble gum packs. The project named “Nasasira Tasasira” had stalled for over a year due to growth of the highly lucrative corruption industry that saw the illicit diversion of funds to the more demanding stomach sector.

The move comes due to growing concerns over the alarming rate of road deterioration and increase of potholes in the city. The commencement was made possible by the ministry signing an agreement with the government that saw the allocation of billions of shillings to the ministry’s secretaries and office assistants. Works Minister Hon. John Nasasira said that the big allocation to the ministry’s secretaries allowed them to make shopping lists that were presented to and approved by the Board of Directors in charge of road works.

“The lists generally contained what we had in mind in the first place-‘soltape’, glue, Big G, Orbit; basically the same materials we’ve been using to repair roads. Other lists had cars for their boyfriends, lipstick, money to go to Fatboyz and the like but we kept them for future consideration. We imported everything and have now started working on the roads,” he said.

He disclosed that the approving Board included him as the Chairman and only member but he was thinking of diversifying to include his family at some point in the future. Minister of State for Works Hon. John Byabagambi commended the government move and promised to dig up more potholes in order to see more of the same agreements signed in future.

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