Black rapper apologizes for clean lyrics

By • Oct 14th, 2010 • Category: Society

Black entertainer MC Gugu Gangsta has apologized to the black community for the clean lyrics in his new song, ‘I love girls’. The black community was heavily incensed by the song saying that it went against the black code of rapping ethics that dictated that it was imperative to include curse words in every song mostly for their socially refining quality.

He’s supposed to say ‘I fucks bitches’

Fellow rapper and Record Label owner Little Wizzie saw this as a “white influenced move” to wipe out the black race. “The young black generation out there needs inspiration. We need to teach them that curse words are the benchmark of morals in society today. What does he mean ‘I love girls’? Is that what we really want to teach our black kids? Hell no, ma’faka. He’s supposed to say ‘I fucks bitches’,” said Wizzie.

Oh no: Little Wizzie after receiving the shocking news

Gugu’s mother also showed disappointment saying that she doesn’t know where she went wrong in raising the boy. “I taught Greg (Gugu) how to curse from the very first day he was born. I took him to all the best gangsta schools that taught him how to solve wrangles by killing and treating girls like dogs. I don’t know where he got the guts to write this song. Not even one inspiring curse word? I think it’s political. It must be the Al-Qaeda trying to kill the black race or some shit. There’s no other explanation.”

MC Gugu revealed to the UL that he must have been feeling ill at the time the song was recorded and did not mean to do such a despicable thing. He promised to record a dirty version that featured all the best black rappers in the field including Hang Master Kill, Clip Drip, Meow Magnet, Sucka, DJ Bitch Rip and Little Wizzie.

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