Energy bulbs gathering dust on Goverment shelves

By • Oct 12th, 2010 • Category: Politics

Scientists in the city centre have noted a disturbing relationship between the energy saving bulbs at the UEDCL stores in Lugogo, and dust. “We have observed that no sooner does a bulb rest on one of the shelves, than dust soon gathers all around it,” said Dr Beam Clarkson, an Australian expatriate with a PHD in the physics of energy saving and a certificate in the use of No-Sooner-Than from UPE English Academy.
Inquiries into the whys and wherefores of this phenomenon were met, surprisingly… with excesses of one form or another from the bulbs.
“I am a pimp, these dusts is my bitches. Fuck off!” said one visibly heated light bulb.
“I am the light in the darkness for these dusts,” declared another. “They are dust now but one day they shall rise and be and be…”
“A dust storm,” ventured our reporter.
“Exactly! We are just trying to be ourselves, but the system won’t let us shine.”
“It’s the stress,” Explained Dr. Night Kataala, a bulb psychology specialist at Ssentamu and Sons Electroclinic. This behavior is not normal for bulbs, especially energy savers. These bulbs were supposed to be transported up country where they would find loving and caring owners. This did not happen and the bulbs, being of Chinese make and fragile mental disposition, cracked. The result is these psychoses you see here. Some of these bulbs are even schizophrenic. We had a bulb in here the other day that thought it was the reason for the halo around Jay Z’s head in the On to The Next One video.
“No shit!” our reporter observed.
“None whatsoever.” replied Dr Night who can be quite deadpan.
“What about the dust?”
“Ah those are just needy little fellows who will follow anything.”
Consultations with World Bank, the project financiers as to the way forward for these bulbs were not conclusive. One executive tentatively suggested donating them to the Uganda parliament to fill up the huge need for light-bulb moments.

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