Hot 100 FM increases annual expenditure on the letter ‘r’

By • Oct 1st, 2010 • Category: Society

Following the relentless use of the letter r by its DJs, Simba FM’s sister radio station, Hot 100 FM has today announced a big budget boost in order to meet its growing demand for the letter r. The development comes after months of several meetings between top station managers and a representative from the English alphabet headquarters.

A presenter welcomes the move

“We harve a verry high demarnd for thart letterr,” said station manager Mr. Collin Mutambo noting that it’s a favourite letter for literally every presenter. “We treat thart letterr like farmily. No DJ herre uses a single worrd on air withourt inserting it somewhere therre.”

The budget boost for the letter was impelled by several presenters whose identity we couldn’t clearly establish mostly because of their tongue-twisting English. “I first norticed it when Lady Bizzo starrrted mentiorrning worrds without r. I was very digurrrsted and I carred my borss immediatery to sorrrt it out,” said one of the aggravated cleaners. “I norticed it on the otherrr presenter arso and thart’s how I knew therrre was a probrem. We were running out of the letterrr.”

The expenditure increase is a welcome move that has eased panic across the station with one of the morning show presenters noting that he will finally stop saying backward things like ‘Uganda’. “It’s pronounced Ugandar, meyn. You know wharm sayin?”

Hot 100 DJs on air

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