Man eats lunch

By • Sep 29th, 2010 • Category: Society

A man only identified as Someone today had lunch. His meal contained rice, matooke, meat and a few lonely vegetables. “The moment I woke up this morning, I had this strange feeling that I’d have lunch and instantly knew it was my destiny to have lunch. It was a miracle,” he revealed.

Born in the late eighties, Someone grew up in a humble lunch eating family. “Right from childhood, I have steadily lived a life of lunch eating,” he revealed. “The strange habit was started by my greatest grandfather. He would eat lunch every single day of his life; it became an addiction. He only stopped when he died,” Someone added.

His friends and family members seemed unaffected by the habit explaining that it was now normal to them. “It’s not surprising. He has always been a really dedicated lunch eater,” said Some Dude, his childhood best friend. His sister’s father, who also doubles as his father said that they had made countless futile attempts to stop him from eating lunch.

“We gave him breakfast, dinner, and a few snacks between meals but he always wanted lunch as well. And it’s not the only weird thing he does. There are many more weird things like when he talks, his lips move, when he blinks, his eye lids move, he even breathes; that’s the strangest thing about him,” said his sister’s father who also doubles as his father.

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